Water Canada’s New Associate Publisher: Jane Buckland

Jane Buckland was previously a Sales Manager at Marketing magazine a Rogers Media publication. Passionate about media and marketing, the move to Water Canada was a natural fit. In her free time, Jane loves to travel with her husband and two children. She also loves attending live events and drinking water!

Water Canada is excited to have Jane join its team led by publisher Todd Latham and editor Katherine Balpataky. With Jane’s help, Water Canada will continue to deliver content uniquely insightful into Canada’s water sector, covering all aspects of water stewardship and management—from the water source to your tap and back again. Tens of thousands of readers trust Water Canada for exclusive, insightful, and timely content that speaks to the protection and investment in Canada’s most important natural resource.

“Water Canada is an invaluable resource connecting the Canadian water sector and providing market intelligence and news on innovations and technological solutions. It also recognizes leaders and champions playing a key role in the Canadian economy and job creation. Water Canada does a great job and deserves high praise!” — Irene …

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Kerry’s Kilimanjaro Climb for Life

In October 2012 I’m scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro — at over 19,000 feet, it’s Africa’s highest peak — to raise awareness and funds to help combat the global water and sanitation crisis.

I believe that everyone on earth deserves access to these basic human needs and I invite you to share my passion. Please consider making a donation (large or small) toward my personal fundraising goal. Every dollar raised will help support WaterCan’s clean water and sanitation projects in communities throughout eastern Africa.

Worldwide, nearly one billion people do not have access to clean drinking water, and a further 2.6 billion have no basic sanitation like toilets and latrines. This constitutes one of the most lethal, yet solvable, public health emergencies affecting the developing world today. Let’s all lend a helping hand and help end poverty at the source!

To find out more about WaterCan’s work or to get involved, please visit www.watercan.com

Thank you!

Kerry Freek, editor, Water Canada

My Campaign Goal: $10,000.00

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