Together, We Are Actual. We take pride in being part of a tight work family and celebrate the individual stars within it. We care about client needs and deadlines and we share pride in the products and services we provide. We bend, but we don’t break. We embrace our work challenges but also know that health, personal time and family comes first. We know it’s ok to say we’re stressed or overwhelmed and can ask for help when it’s needed – because a healthy team is a productive team.

With fewer than ten full time employees, every staff member is an all-star in the Actual Media constellation and our readers and clients can vouch for that. We like the thrill of working hard and sharing Dad jokes about brownfield redevelopment while doing it. This is not just a job for us … Our clients are friends. We laugh, high five and ring bells in the office daily.


We are Actual. Our focus is to deliver quality content and actionable insights via marketing, communications and events for the Canadian infrastructure, water and environment sectors. We’re the proud producers of ReNew Canada, Water Canada, and Environment Journal platforms and leverage our deep knowledge of, and engagement in, the industries we serve to provide a unique competitive advantage to our readers, advertisers and agency customers. Actual Media is ideally positioned to help clients translate their often complex messaging into easily digested, readily absorbed campaigns that deliver actual value.

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