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The Actual Media team works on the front lines of the infrastructure, water, and environment industry sectors, helping our clients advance their communication goals, promote their products, and sell their services.

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What We Do

  • Business Publications

    Actual Media has extensive experience providing delivering reports, proposals, publications, and thought leadership collateral for organizations in the water, infrastructure, and environment sectors.

  • Marketing & Communications

    Actual Media serves a select group of clients with personal, on-demand, and tailored solutions that replace, amend, or enhance their own in-house marketing and communications capabilities.

  • Design & Editorial

    Actual Media is the publisher of two leading Canadian trade publications: Water Canada and ReNew Canada. Our content brands provide thought leadership and tackle issues in Canada's national water and infrastructure sectors.

  • Events & Networking

    Actual Media has delivered over a dozen custom industry roundtables. Our team works with you to identify urgent topics, key participants, and organize sessions with leaders, stakeholders, and client prospects.

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