We are Actual. Our focus is to deliver quality content and actionable insights via marketing, communications and events for the Canadian infrastructure, water and environment sectors. We’re the proud producers of ReNew Canada, Water Canada, and Environment Journal platforms and leverage our deep knowledge of, and engagement in, the industries we serve to provide a unique competitive advantage to our readers, advertisers and agency customers. Actual Media is ideally positioned to help clients translate their often complex messaging into easily digested, readily absorbed campaigns that deliver actual value.

Actual Media provides a variety of services and solutions – with real benefits for our clients:

We are a full- service agency with an action-oriented, creative team who work closely with our clients to strategize, plan and deliver their projects and campaigns. Our personal connection, diverse skill sets and accountability combined with the bench strength of our professional network allows us to invest fully in our customer success. If you’re in the business of water, environment and infrastructure and looking for website development, market research, social media strategy, custom publishing, video production, content creation, direct marketing, brand development or just a helping hand – we’ve got you covered.

Actual Media provides turnkey in-person and virtual event management from logistics, vendor management and execution to invite list creation, program development and post-event content deliverables for one flat fee or as part of a sponsorship package. We provide tangible, reliable, useful outcomes and deliverables from corporate events to industry galas and will go to great lengths to make our events (and our clients and attendee experiences) a success.

Our deep knowledge of, and engagement in, the industries we serve provides a unique competitive advantage to our clients in delivering their marketing and communications. We get to know our clients well so we can best tell their stories. And because we “live” in the water, infrastructure and environment/cleantech world and manage the leading print and digital platforms in those sectors, we can deliver guaranteed impressions, visibility and brand recognition.