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Actual Media Presenting Discussion on Carbon Pricing in Ontario

On November 19th, our latest ‘powered by Actual Media’ online event presentation will take place, this time focused on a key environmental issue in Ontario. Sponsored by Radicle and Sussex, The Shifting Landscape of Carbon Pricing: What you Need to Know will discuss the introduction of the Environmental Performance Standard (EPS). The EPS was approved by the federal government as an alternative to the Output-Based Pricing System.


How will businesses adjust to stay competitive? Where are the new business opportunities as a result of Ontario’s EPS? This event will answer these questions and more. It is a must-attend for cleantech companies in Ontario, and those looking for an expert understanding of the EPS’ impacts in the province.


The discussion will take place on Thursday, November 19th from 10:00a.m. to 11:30 a.m. eastern time. Registration is free. The event is presented by


For more information, or to register for the event, visit:

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