Hiring: Editor – Water Canada

As the number one source for water news in Canada, nearly 18,000 people read Water Canada magazine, with 14,000 unique visitors per month to watercanada.net. We believe that water truly is Canada’s greatest resource, and therefore, in the importance of reporting on the best practices, technologies, research, and policies to protect Canada’s freshwater water. The Editor will examine and explore the emerging challenges and opportunities surrounding water and build bridges between the often siloed segments of the water industry.

The Editor will be primarily responsible for staying at the forefront of what’s happening with Canada’s water as a whole.

The Editor is responsible for the planning and execution of all magazine editorial and design activities in collaboration with other Water Canada / Actual Media team members.

The Editor manages professional staff associated with the editorial and design content of the magazine and collaborates with other staff members (and industry contributors, freelance contractors, etc.) to plan editorial content.

The Editor is also frequently involved in Actual Media client projects and works closely with the Actual Media management and sales staff on production, marketing, and advertising sales support and on corporate communications initiatives and projects.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Leads the development of all ideas, concepts, and themes for Water Canada editorial content and publication design.
  • Writes, edits, and manages all aspects of editorial for the magazine, ensuring content’s accuracy and relevance to the readership with a B2B focus.
  • Identifies opportunities and drives new initiatives for reaching broader audiences both online and in print to advance the brand and organizational goals of Water Canada (e.g., special features or supplements, web products, etc.).
  • Works closely with sales on media kits, promotional materials, and other sales-related initiatives that support the publication and parent company.
  • Establishes and maintains relationships with local, national, and international water leaders and stakeholders – engaging, where possible, in their activities.
  • Attends, and participates in, national industry events as the face of Water Canada to help maintain the brand and keep on top of trends and network with key players in the industry.
  • Leads the dissemination of Water Canada content on social media networks and elsewhere.
  • Serves as a senior leader and ambassador of the organization.
  • Prepares reports and projects and performs miscellaneous duties for the Actual Media team, as directed.
  • Works closely with the Editor of Water Canada’s sister publication, ReNew Canada, to edit and develop editorial content for that publication.

The Editor will also assume a Project Manager role for Water Canada’s publishing company Actual Media Inc.  Specific responsibilities include:

  • Edits, writes, and manages all editorial aspects of the client work as assigned.
  • Coordinates/manages a small team on Actual Media client projects (including reports, website creation, marketing materials, events), and external communications projects.
  • Works closely with clients to ensure expectations are managed and met.
  • Liaises with the Creative Director to ensure design elements are clearly communicated and executed throughout the entire project.

Helps maintain client relationships, in cooperation with management and the sales team.

Please submit resume and cover letter to Todd Latham (todd@actualmedia.ca) by Oct. 19. We will respond only to qualified candidates who are requested for an interview.

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