ReNew Canada is a connector, an influencer, a networker, and a newsmaker. The website is a go-to source for mainstream media, providing content that connects industry players and provides the latest in-depth news, features and insights on infrastructure planning, financing and development.

Services Provided: Website Design, SEO & SOO, Graphic Design

Water Canada connects the multiple interests in the business of water across Canada and provides the digital community with intelligence on today’s technological and governance solutions for drinking water, wastewater, water protection, and stormwater management. 

Services Provided: Website Design, SEO & SOO, Graphic Design is a comprehensive online source for news, features and events from across Canada’s environment sector. Featuring up-to-date information on issues related to policy and governance, research and development, and technology and innovation, provides a single source for the biggest stories in the environment space.

Services Provided: Website Design, SEO & SOO, Graphic Design

Established in 1986, FER-PAL Construction Ltd. is a trenchless technology company that offers complete watermain rehabilitation and replacement solutions to municipalities across Canada and the U.S. In addition to ongoing enhancements and improvements to FER-PAL’s website, our digital team also provides social media support.

Services Provided: Website Design, SEO & SOO, Social Media

Milestone Environmental Contracting takes on complex environmental cleanup projects across Canada, specializing in soil and ground remediation, water treatment, heavy civil construction, building decommissioning, land reclamation, and rehabilitating sensitive habitats. In addition to a brand new website, our team provides ongoing maintenance and support as well as social media services.

Services Provided: Website Design, SEO & SOO, Social Media

CHAR Technologies is a cleantech development and services company, specializing in high-temperature pyrolysis, and biocarbon (activated charcoal “SulfaCHAR” and solid biofuel “CleanFyre”). The Actual Team provides a full suite of digital and marketing services to the team, including website, social media and marketing.

Services Provided: Website Design, SEO & SOO, Social Media, Marketing

For more than 20 years, the Brownie Awards have recognized the innovative efforts and project excellence demonstrated by professionals and organizations who remediate, restore and redevelop properties that were once contaminated, stigmatized, underutilized and/or undeveloped. In addition to our annual gala and awards ceremony, we also maintain an in-depth website to promote the program year-round.

Services Provided: Website Design, SEO & SOO, Event Planning, Marketing

This interactive site complements our annual print report, the Top100 Projects, a ranking of Canada’s biggest infrastructure projects by cost. Visitors can browse projects by sector or location using our mapping tool. They can also create their own data sets, sorting all 100 projects by factors such as cost, location, key players, and sector.

Services Provided: Website Design, SEO & SOO, Event Planning, Marketing, Publishing

Every day, the Water Canada team hears stories about our country’s energized leaders, innovative technologies, quality research, and unique solutions for water challenges. This award program was created to celebrate the best of them. The website provides a platform to showcase the nominees and winners. The award program is featured as part of our annual Canadian Water Summit event, at a gala for 200+ attendees – leaders from across Canada’s water sector.

Services Provided: Website Design, SEO & SOO, Event Planning, Marketing, Publishing

For more than 20 years, the Brownie Awards have recognized innovation and excellence demonstrated by the people and organizations who restore and redevelop brownfield properties. The awards celebrate the processes and planning required to remake these sites into places and spaces that contribute to the growth of healthy Canadian communities.

Hosted in collaboration with CBN.

Every day, the Water Canada team hears stories about our country’s energized leaders, innovative technologies, quality research, and unique solutions for water challenges. Water’s Next represents a collection of incredible achievements in the sector. This gala dinner of 200+ people takes place as part of the Canadian Water Summit each year. 

Save the Date: 2022 Canadian Water Summit: May 31-June 3

What started as a By Invitation Only dinner in 2008, grew rapidly to become the premier gathering of infrastructure project delivery consultants, engineers, constructors, owners, key players, and contractors on the largest infrastructure projects in Canada. Senior executives and governmental officials from across Canada gather each February in Toronto to network, learn from VIP speakers, and celebrate their role in these massive projects.

Read the 2021 Top100 Project Report

INFRAIntelligence Webinars

ReNew Canada’s INFRAIntelligence discussion series focuses on topics in the national infrastructure landscape that are not being talked about enough, or perhaps need a fresh perspective considered. Discussions are held on the fourth Thursday of each month. There are also special editions that are held when the timing of the conversation is appropriate.

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The Canadian Environmental Engineering Executives Conference (CE3C) was specifically designed by F&M Management and Actual Media as an exclusive forum for executives at the highest level of the environmental engineering and consulting industry in Canada. With high demand for this kind of gathering, the inaugural conference in October 2018 was a great success. Fifty-five executives representing 40 firms from across the country attend each year.

View the program for our 2021 CE3C Conference

Blue Economy Webinars

Water Canada’s Blue Economy webinar series focuses on how Canada should define its blue economy and all of the key elements that ensure a strong national water sector. Each session takes place from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. eastern time on the third Wednesday of the month.

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FER-PAL Infrastructure, a trenchless technology company that offers complete watermain rehabilitation solutions, asked Actual Media to edit and design its 2015 field employee handbook.

Over three years, Actual Media worked closely with the team at Export Development Canada (EDC) to compile and produce a comprehensive list of international construction and infrastructure projects where Canadian firms were leading or active. The project was called Canadians At Work: 50 International Infrastructure Projects and the resulting publications were distributed with issues of ReNew Canada and distributed in English, French and Polish to Canadian consulate and trade offices around the world. A digital, searchable version of the list was also created as a website and available online in both official languages.

Using data collected for our Top 100 2012 report, the Actual Media research team created a white paper to delve further into each sector. The Top 100 Projects White Paper included additional details for each project on financing, funding, and, in some cases, policies and regulations that helped make these projects possible.

OCETA’s Clean Technology Report website was created in conjunction with the print version of the Go-to-Market Report. The site was intended to create awareness and inform the public about clean technology developments in Ontario. Like most of our websites, we deployed an open-source solution to keep costs down and deliver a sharp-looking project on a tight timeline.

In 2011, Actual Media was asked to create an attractive corporate marketing piece for The Municipal Infrastructure Group. With unique sizing (9×9”), bold images, and FSC-certified stock, the brochure we designed is an elegant introduction and reminder of the company’s expertise and experience.

Working with one of our long-standing agency clients, the team at Milestone Environmental engaged our designers to develop a multi-faceted advertising campaign.

To commemorate 100 years of providing infrastructure solutions in Canada, Siemens asked Actual Media to put together a timeline highlighting some of the company’s major achievements. This highly visual and informative foldout timeline poster for Siemens was created and included as an insert with the mailing of ReNew Canada to provide the client with a unique marketing and communications opportunity. Actual provided extensive research, editorial, and design services in assembling the project.

When your three-person start-up balloons to 80 employees, six offices, and becomes an industry leader in two decades, you celebrate! And that’s just what XCG did with this slick 20-page brochure, highlighting the company’s unique people and projects. XCG continues to work with Actual Media on a regular basis to help manage their business development, marketing, and communications needs. Most recently, this included search engine optimization strategies for their website, unique #XCGKnows branded e-newsletters, LinkedIn campaigns, and promotional banners and postcards.

XCG Branding and Marketing Materials 2018

Green Centre Canada takes a hands-on approach to develop chemistry and materials-science innovations. From helping commercialize entrepreneurial discoveries to providing established companies a confidential space to expand their R&D capabilities. To convey their expertise in the marketplace, GCC turns to Actual Media to support their marketing, editorial, and design needs.

Over the course of the past 10 years, Actual Media has provided RCCAO with various marketing, events, and design services. One of these projects included a comprehensive advertising campaign that helped yield several important results including higher visibility in lead-up to key industry events.

Actual Media provided graphic design and editorial services to support the refresh of FER-PAL’s corporate brochure. This important piece of business development and brand collateral is continually refined to help give FER-PAL’s brand a modern, strong presence.

Produced by ReNew Canada, the first series of episodes was sponsored by KPMG and provides a unique opportunity to hear from industry leaders about the future of infrastructure. Ten episodes in total were produced featuring expert insights into the future of Canadian infrastructure issues.

To accompany its brand spanking new website, the Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment asked Actual Media to design a brochure suitable for conferences and trade shows. This eight-page marketing piece appeals to prospective clients, students, employees, and funders, and it highlights the Centre’s main activities, as well as its major international projects.

We are proud to work with FER-PAL Infrastructure, one of North America’s leading providers of trenchless technology services. To help support their continued effort to grow this reputation, the Actual Media team helped undertake a refresh of their advertising campaign. This work has resulted in a strengthened brand presence and further optimization across Canadian and U.S. markets.

CNAM is the association of public infrastructure asset management in Canada. Actual Media worked with the CNAM team to develop the strategy, concept, design, and execution of this key publication. In addition to graphic design services, we also provided the full scope of editorial services to produce this brochure, which was created in English and French.

Working with one of our long-standing agency clients, the team at Milestone Environmental engaged our designers to develop a multi-faceted advertising campaign.

We worked alongside the CHAR team to develop an integrated digital communications plan. Services include social media content creation, management, and reporting (Twitter, LinkedIn); e-newsletter management (YES Express); website maintenance/management; analytics; and KPI reporting. Ongoing improvements to the functionality and accessibility of CHAR’s web presence have strengthened brand presence and provide customers with quick access to service information.

FER-PAL Infrastructure works primarily with public sector clients, including municipalities across Canada and the United States. To strengthen FER-PAL’s brand presence and build a more strategic digital footprint (LinkedIn, Twitter), the Actual Media digital team deployed a three-tier plan including social media management, website management, and lead generation services.

Altech is a full-service environmental and engineering consultancy. Since 1985, Altech has been helping businesses expertly identify and resolve environmental challenges, establish due diligence, and stay compliant. Our digital team works closely with Altech to develop  social media content (LinkedIn) and strategy that effectively drives traffic to the Altech website. Creation of thought leadership content that showcases Altech’s expertise engages and educates existing and future clients.

We are proud to work with a growing list of repeat customers.

Past Clients & Collaborators

King’s University
Mountain Stream Resources
Canadians At Work
Canadian Brownfields
Transport Futures
Kilmer Brownfield
The Municipal Infrastructure Group
The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)
Environmental Services Association of Alberta
XCG Environmental Engineers & Scientists
The Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO)
Water Technology Acceleration Project (WaterTAP)
The Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment
Siemens Canada
RBC Blue Water Project
Office of Applied Research, Fleming College
University of Toronto
Riva Modeling Systems
Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA)
American Public Works Association (APWA)
Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON)
Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association (OSWCA)
GreenCentre Canada
International Water Decade Alliance
Pipeline Inspection and Condition Analysis Corporation
Nestle Waters Canada
Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM)
CB Shield