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Water Canada Magazine Welcomes New Editor, Toby Gorman

Water Canada, the only national publication for key stakeholders across Canada’s water sector, is pleased to announce that Toby Gorman is joining the company as editor.

Toby will be responsible for managing all editorial content for the print and online offerings, as well as playing a leadership role in the development and direction of the annual Water Canada Awards, Downstream networking events, Top50 Projects report, and the Water Canada Summit.

With a deep history in the publishing industry, Toby joins the Actual Media team fresh from having written his first book The Lake Swimmer. Prior to that, he led the editorial team at Maximum Yield Inc., where they published six monthly and bi-monthly magazines in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. These were leading hydroponic publications for people who grow indoors. Toby also oversaw US and Canadian editions of Maximum Yield Cannabis, a magazine devoted to the medical cannabis industry.

“We’re excited about the expertise Toby brings to this role,” says Corinne Lynds, Vice President of Content & Partnerships at Actual Media. “His background in publishing and experience working with municipalities makes him well positioned to understand the needs of the water community, and be able to deliver quality content that educates and informs.”

Toby brings a wealth of professional experience to the role, but he also brings a long-standing passion for water. For the past three decades he has been an open water swimmer, competing in races and charity events. And, more recently, has spent the last few summers volunteering to collect data on central Ontario rivers, lakes, and marshes in an attempt to protect Ontario’s eight species of endangered turtles.

“I am thrilled to join the team at Actual Media and eager to meet our contributors, stakeholders, and partners soon. I look forward to bringing our audience the very latest in water supply, infrastructure, conservation, innovation, and technology news,” says Toby. “I believe Canada and other nations are on the verge of some very important decisions when it comes to water use, innovation, and conservation, and being part of the conversation as editor of Water Canada is a privilege.”

Don’t be shy about reaching out with article ideas, event invites, or opportunities to connect. You can reach Toby at or LinkedIn.


About Water Canada

Owned by Actual Media, Water Canada is a business-to-business magazine that covers projects, policy, and innovation in Canada’s water sector, from source, to tap, and back again. Content includes drinking water, stormwater, and wastewater management. Water Canada reaches local and regional water authorities across Canada, and the engineers, consultants, and innovators who serve them.




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