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ReNew Canada, WSP partner for Smart Cities roundtable

On October 30, ReNew Canada joined WSP for an in vitiation-only roundtable discussion on smart cities. The objectives of the discussion was to establish how infrastructure helps create a smart city, and how to best target infrastructure investment to ensure we are building the smart cities of tomorrow.

Representative from 18 industry stakeholders from municipal, engineering, government, utility, NGO and technology providers companies and organizations participated in the half-day conversation. The discussion was moderated by ReNew Canada Managing Editor Andrew Macklin.

Much of the conversation focused on three key questions:

  • How can we use smart infrastructure to improve the health, safety, and resilience of our urbane centers?
  • How can we help the government facilitate the transition to smart cities?
  • How do we break down corporate, government, and organizational silos in order to work together to build smart, connected cities?

To learn more about the conversation, read the full article from the January/February edition of ReNew Canada magazine.

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